Experience Venus FREEZE™ Body Contouring

Are you wishing you could have a unique procedure which generates amazing outcomes for a range of aesthetic concerns?

More clients push for non-invasive aesthetic treatments. Their busy lifestyles do not allow for the long downtimes of traditional aesthetic procedures. There were over 10 million minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the USA in 2009, accounting for 88% of the total cosmetic procedures performed that year. You can experience excellent results without having to compromise on comfort or safety.

Why Venus Freeze™ Body Contouring?
Address your concerns about loose, saggy, wrinkled skin; extra weight, and cellulite using the exclusive, revolutionary technology in Venus Freeze™ Body Contouring. The (MP)² is a patented technology that combines both multi polar radio frequency (RF) along with pulsed magnetic fields. This is the only technology that increases collagen development via these two separate mechanisms, resulting in dramatic improvement in the condition of the skin.

Why is Collagen important?
Collagen is one of the most prevalent proteins in the human body; some say it is the glue that literally holds the body together. Collagen is fibrous in nature and it connects and supports other bodily tissues. Collagen fibers contribute to the external structure of the cells and are present on the inside of some cells as well. Collagen works hand in hand with elastin in supporting the body’s tissues. It gives the body form and provides firmness and strength. Collagen works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, flexibility, and resilience. Time and long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight plays a role in causing skin laxity resulting in increased collagen fragmentation; decrease in the number of fibroblasts– the cells that produce collagen fibers, and progressive reduction in the number of capillary loops, resulting in a diminished nutrient supply to the skin. As people age, collagen degradation occurs, leading to wrinkles. An important ingredient in the anti aging process is to stimulate the production of collagen. As such, Venus Freeze™ Body Contouring is an important procedure for those looking for ways to fight the visible effects of aging on the skin.

How does Freeze™ work on collagen?
The magnetic pulse component of Freeze™ (MP)2, induces the release of the growth factors you require for the growth of new blood vessels, as well as for stimulation of dermal fibroblast (a major component in skin toning and tightening). At the same time, the radio frequency component induces collagen and elastin fiber growth by causing the body to think it has been damaged (thermal or heat damage), which triggers the self-repair mechanism of skin tissue. The ultra structure of collagen fibers is left thicker and shorter, increasing skin tightness resulting in wrinkle reduction. This also results in marked improvement in the skin tightness and elasticity as well as overall improvement in the skin’s condition.

Why do wrinkles form?
Collagen works with keratin to provide the skin with strength, flexibility, and resilience. As people age, collagen degradation continues to occur, leading to wrinkles. Wrinkles and folds in the skin occur because of loss of skin structure. As this process continues, the skin loses its elasticity causing it to sag and thin resulting in your wrinkle!

Frown lines and crow’s feet occur from continuous small muscle contractions. As we age, the body loses that elasticity, so the frown lines no longer bounce back. You may have the appearance of frowning at your spouse even if you don’t intend to because of this change. Sun exposure and other environmental exposures (like smoking) cause damage to the collagen and elastin protein fibers. This damage decreases the skin’s ability to repair itself even more and speeds up the natural aging process.

What else can Venus Freeze™ Body Contouring do?
The increased temperature of the tissue by Freeze™ enhances hormone activity and causing a breakdown the triglycerides which are located in the fat cells. This breakdown changes it into glycerol and free fatty acids. These are released into the blood stream for the body to eliminate. The end result is a volume reduction in fat cells leading to a measurable reduction in circumference of the treatment area and also smoothes cellulite.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is describe as fat deposited in pockets close to the skin surface, most commonly found around the thighs, buttocks and hips. These pockets are separated by strands of collagen fibers. These strands break-down and when combined with accumulation of subcutaneous fat, cause the fat cells to bulge out, creating the age old dimpled look of cellulite. Cellulite can occur as a result of many different factors. Aging and poor blood circulation contributes to the weakening of collagen fiber and causing the orange peel-like appearance of skin surface. If you can increase collagen production, reduce subcutaneous fat mass and improve dermal blood circulation you will have an effective treatment for cellulite. Venus Freeze™ Body Contouring provides improvement in all of these areas.

How Soon Will I See Results?
Most patients begin to see noticeable improvement after 2-4 sessions. While some people see improvement sooner, we can not guarantee this.

What do I do Next?
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